Wealth Warrior Course

Clear Your Subconscious Energy Blocks to More Wealth.
This is a Brilliant FREE Introduction to the Instant Wealth Activation Course.

Do You Want a Powerful Energy system that Allows Wealth to Flow?

Our Solution:

The Wealth Warrior Course can help you to clear blockages and achieve a clearer path to getting you from where you are, to where you want to be.

This FREE course is presented as a 28-day audio challenge.
It is in two parts and you need to listen to them both every day. There are two options. 

  1. You can listen to the first one in the morning to fire your energy for the day, and the second one in the evening to relax your system.
  2. You can listen to both recordings in the morning and in the evening.

You will need to be in a quiet and comfortable space. It is also possible to put them on loop and listen whilst sleeping. The music and binaural beats are at the theta level, so it is not advisable to listen when alert in beta, so do not operate machinery whilst listening to the audio recordings.


It is vital that you keep a notebook and mark each day as you go through the 28-days. Each day needs to follow the format:


There is no prerequisite for enrolling on the Wealth Warrior Course, all are welcome. 

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About U.C.E

U.C.E is an online learning portal that focuses on expanding consciousness through self-development, expertise and skills for both individuals and clients. Behind U.C.E are the founders, Dr Jo-Le Rose, Dr Karen Wells and Dr Katie Webber, who are leaders in the field of cognitive education. Over the last 30 years they have worked online and in person with thousands of clients from all walks of life in many parts of the world.

U.C.E are proud to be one of the first platforms to offer online accredited Doctorate courses, which use effective methods to teach and bring forth from the student dynamic understanding of the mind, life and the way it works. 

All students are valued and above all, supported through their journey of learning and attaining a professional title of achievement.

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No, this is a free introduction course to the Accredited Instant Wealth Activation Course.

The course can begin when you are ready and completed in 28-days. After this, the audio is yours to keep and use as and when required.

When you join, you will become part of our community. If there is any question or you need technical advice, you can comment on the forum.

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