Stress is caused from being here, but wanting to be over there. Your body and life is on one place, but your mind is stretched to an idea of where happiness can be found, usually sometime in the future.

To end stress, you need to be whole, so the best place to be is where your centre of power is, which is right here, right now, in this moment. Your mind is stretching itself to thoughts of a better place because it’s in resistance to a current situation. Therefore, stop what you’re doing and go outside into nature or look out of a window in the direction of the sun. Close your eyes, feel your feet flat on the floor, breathe deeply and come into the full presence of your body. Once you are focused on being centred deep inside the body, ask yourself what you’re really upset about? Feel the response from within and whilst deeply breathing, let the energy move inside of you without thinking about it or analysing it.

If you immerse yourself in it 100%, the upset will dissipate and a sense of space will present itself. Now feel all the love and gratitude that you have for yourself, for others and for life, then open your eyes and nature or the sun will appear to be more vibrant. You have brought your mind back to being fully present in this moment.

The stress will have gone. The second you move into thinking about the future, stretching your mind again, you will be back in the stress. The aim is to keep centred and do only the tasks required of you in the this moment.