Have you ever looked across the scope of human life and seen where you’ve come from and where you’re going?



He/she is living on the level of survival instincts and mostly lured into pursuits of animalistic passions – a basal point of mind.


He/she is focused on security, tradition and they fear stepping out into the unknown, so they keep their lives contained within the conditioning of their DNA, which is the thoughts, feelings and habits of their ancestors.


He/she who uses the mind to influence and govern others so that they can get what they want i.e. governments, media, businesses, etc, also heads of families, tribes and anywhere a leader is positioned over those who are refused self-empowerment.


He/she who can express love, but not receive it and their love is often a battle against a cause or for selfish ends, even though it appears to be honourable.


He/she who is able to express and receive love. One who can see all sides to a story and not be caught up in the war of right and wrong.


He/she who is capable of finding the inner silence and experience the true reality behind physical matter. One who understands how service is the key to this reality which is driving the human evolution.


He/she who is able to communicate directly with this true reality and transform matter into any way they choose to bring more beneficial service to all.


He/she who has met the core behind the true reality and knows from where they came from and the whole purpose of life.

The basic explanation of these principles may give you an insight into where you are. However, this list is not like a street of houses where you live in one and not the other. In fact, the whole scale of it can be played out in a minute, an hour or a day. For example: perhaps you wake up feeling lustful, maybe you go downstairs to find a bill on the doormat and fear its contents or you go to work and control the staff, perhaps fight for the cause of your business through competition, go home and play mediator between your squabbling kids, have a flash of insight into a problem, receive an email that has accepted your idea and before retiring from the day, you look up to the stars in contemplation of the majestic force of life.

We have travelled from pure intelligence into light – into electricity – into the electrum and into matter – just to play the game of these seven principles and to learn how to master them through the emotions. Our task is to animate matter and design any experience we choose to have.

I meet many people who aspire to be angels. I ask them why they would want to trade their human mind for a mind that has not travelled into the depths of the far reaches of matter, into the dark unknown possibilities. A mind that has not had to overcome diversity, challenges and the negative belief in lack. In fact, a mind that is capable of rising through the highs and lows of these seven principles must be an incredible prize to have. We are at the edge of all creation and we came here to learn how thoughts and feelings build our daily reality.

The glory of heaven, or the highest point of mind, this pure original intelligence, which is each and every one of us, must be having a ball in its ever expanding experiences. The fact that it took billions of years to form this universe and eventually create the right human vehicle shows that we are not some evil child who has been banished to the farthest outpost for eating an apple, we are the pioneers of mind itself. Yes, we are in a soup of conditioned thought that can hold us back, but all we have to do is remember this and then turn within to utilise our thoughts and emotions effectively.

We have always been and always will be this pure original intelligence, which built an electrical body to animate form, so give yourself a pat on the back, as you are courageous and you chose to be here and expand the whole of existence.

It’s a privilege to share this journey of life with you in this incredible point of time.

Have a wonderful day.
By Jo Le-Rose