Have you ever wondered what life is all about? Why you are here and what your true purpose is? If you are drawn to read this article, then these questions have obviously entered into your mind at some point. Perhaps you have answered them or maybe you are still discovering hidden depths of yourself, seeing a more expansive scope of who you are and the possibilities that it can bring to your life.

One thing is for certain, in order to discover who you are and your life purpose, you have to undo all that is not you to find out the true source of your being. From birth, we are conditioned into believing that somehow we are not good enough and so life becomes a constant striving to prove that we are worthy. Often, we fear making a mistake and letting others down, especially the family unit with all of its traditions and opinions of who we are and what we should and should not do.

This belief of not being good enough or somehow ‘bad’ drives us to prove that its opposite is true, that we are good, but this takes an incredible amount of effort. Stress is a huge indicator that we are pushing against blocks and obstacles in order to reach an imaginary place of achievement. Before long, we crash into exhaustion and illness. If you are reading this and you have an illness in the body, go into that illness. Observe it without wanting to get rid of it or change it and ask yourself questions that cover the following starting points: what, when, why, who and how? Every answer will lead you deeper into the cause of the illness and right at the root of it, you will find the belief of not being good enough.

This belief also drives society and we can see the two ends of the opposing scale of the haves and the have nots. The whole line between the two is a journey from not being good enough to proving that you are good enough, but who are you proving it to? You are trying to prove it to the belief. It would be much more beneficial to uproot the belief once and for all and end this vicious circle.

In truth, you are striving to become what you already are – total goodness.


Between the age of birth and seven years, your mind is open and vibrates at a dreamy, theta brainwave state, so you absorb all of the impressions around you, and if repeated, they become beliefs. These beliefs include both negative and positive ideas. At age seven, the brainwaves switch into a new vibrational state and you become more cautious and less impressionable, but the pattern has already been set and your life experiences are then a repeat of these original beliefs. You can see what they are the second you react. That very first line of defence or judgement are these absorbed ideas filling up the new moment with the old patterns. This is known as the ego.

Most of our reactions are felt as negative or positive feelings and in the middle is hope. It is possible to utilise feelings as an emotional scale and each time you find yourself in a negative state of worthlessness or despair, you can use the scales to reach for higher vibrating feelings. This is helpful when you realise just how magnetic you are. If you can hold yourself in a higher state, then you attract to yourself better life experiences that match that state.

The diagram above is an example of the emotional scales. At the top end is freedom, which is what most people are seeking. They want to feel limitless and free. This is your natural state of being, but if you are at the lower end in the pit of despair, then it can be difficult to shift to the highest degree of freedom, so hope in the middle is the easiest to aim for. Ask yourself what you hope to happen and then utilise how you would feel if it happened and this will start to catapult you out of the old reactional patterns and up the scales into a feeling of freedom.

This pit of despair is the deepest call inside. It comes from the sense that you have lost something – that a connection has been broken. From this loss, a great feeling of loneliness causes you to reach out to the external world for fulfilment in the form of relationships, acknowledgement or material assets. Often, this can have a downward spiral into substance abuse of drugs, alcohol and food. The fulfilment is often temporary before the gnawing ache of loss once again rises.

What is this loss? It is the loss of your limitless self. The child has had limitation impressed upon its mind and that vast sense of self, of being a Creator, has been suppressed and you are no longer conscious of who you truly are. To get back to finding that ‘You’ which you feel disconnected from, it is important to realise that you are not the body, nor are you the mind. You are pure, limitless consciousness.


Every amenity created has been fashioned from nature – food, homes, cars, clothes – everything. Nature is alive, teeming with intelligence and life-force. The eternal Mother and Father. Together, they move to create form in order to express through it. All forms are innumerable atoms set into a vibrational order by intelligence. Trillions of atoms are used to make up a single human cell.

Through the work of Albert Einstein, Louis de Broglie, Niels Bohr and many others, the atom was found to be light particles that merge into an incredibly intelligent wavelength. If all the forms of nature, including the human body, were to disperse, we would become a wavelength of pure consciousness. An intelligent life-force. Therefore, this consciousness must be the key to freedom from the conditioning of worthlessness.

Exercise: Sit comfortably on a chair. Put out your hand and look at it. Ask yourself, do I live in this hand or is this hand for me to use? Ask the same of your other hand, of your feet and organs. You will find that they are for you to use. You may animate them, but it is not where you reside. Now close your eyes and ask if you live in your memories, in a thought, in an image, in language, in an idea or are they there for you to use?

Once you realise that you do not live in the body or the mind, but use them, ask yourself, if there were no body and no mind, then where would I live? As you do this a great silence that is not invented by the mind will reveal itself. If you continue to sink further into this silence, knowing that your atoms are a wavelength and you are merging with the wavelength of all consciousness, then you will begin to experience what this silence is and how it has always been with you and never left you for a single moment. It has been waiting for you to seek it out. After a while of submerging yourself, you will feel a response. It may be a warm feeling in your heart, a tingling sensation or just a huge sigh of relief. Once you have this response, say these words to yourself, ‘Turn within and rest in I’, then give yourself permission to feel all the love that it has for you, the worthiness and the joy of connecting.

Imagine if you had been taught this connection as a child? You would have learned how to turn within and depend on this inner, vast sense of you. Perhaps this is the place where you would have gone to ask questions on what direction to take, how to meet your needs and for the truth to be shown about a situation? Perhaps you may have felt a response back to you in acknowledgement that you have been heard and how the evidence showed up as miraculous changes in your external life. This relationship can be accessed and expanded in every moment. You can see where you can consciously enter into it when you stop and observe a reaction. Here, you will experience this very same space and your consciousness will bring forward a new impulse of action. This is translated to your mind as thoughts, feelings, words, etc. It is the unconditioned part of you that is living in the now.

In truth, your consciousness has never been ‘bad’ or worthless. It is impossible because it is the child of intelligence and life-force, of total goodness, which is love. This is who you truly are. Only belief is what has acted negatively. This is ignorance in action and you were never taught where to look for the truth of you. If you had been shown the emotional scales and this inner, unconditioned consciousness as a child, what would your life be like today?

This is the fulfilment of those famous words, ‘The kingdom of heaven is within you.’ This goes to show that this inner You is limitless. It is your best friend. Consciousness is one with all that is, so it has access to every atom in the Universe. If you are magnetic and you are able to hold yourself in the feelings of freedom and inwardly connect, then the scope for your life is endless. This way of living as a human is fed back into your consciousness and shared right across the sum total of human consciousness, so you are raising the whole of humanity just by being your true self.

This is real service. This is why individual development – the turning within and accessing the lost treasure of knowing that you are connected to all that is – is fundamental to the expansion and raising of human consciousness. It is your birthright to live and share your true self. The limitless You.

By Jo Le-Rose