Your whole body is a living garden and your mind, your thoughts and feelings, is the gardener.

Simply put: your garden is made up of between 60-80 trillion cells, that’s a lot of seeds! Each time you think and feel in habitual ways, i.e. the belief system in your subconscious runs the show, you send an electrical current to your cellular DNA to make a copy of that information, which feeds it to your RNA and this passes it along to the many Ribosomes. These cute little fellas then take the sugars that have been drawn into your cell from what you’ve eaten to make the required amino acid chains, which are folded to become the proteins that nourish your body. Therefore, biologically, you become what you think, feel and eat and this projects out as your reality, so you live within the frequency of your own mind.

If you’re thinking and feeling negatively for most of your day, then your cells are going to slow down and tire and if you eat whilst feeling negative or believe that the food is bad for you, then it will add to the cellular toxicity. To top it off, each time your DNA replicates itself the Chromosomes shorten and the Telomerase remains switched off (eternal life). It doesn’t matter how many vitamins and minerals you supplement with, your DNA can only send a limited signal and the RNA will receive capped codes and the Ribosomes won’t use much of your nutrients and there won’t be enough proteins made to repair the body, so the body ages.


Imagine what you could program your cells with if you consciously chose what to think and feel in every moment and ate foods that bring you all the nutrients required for your cells to create vitality? Imagine the frequency you’d be projecting out and how the external would have to shift to meet your newly cultivated garden.

Reflect upon the power of your mind today!

By Jo Le-Rose