It has been a long winding road to get to this point where you are reading these words. I thank you for your time, as not everyone’s story is as interesting as your own. However, my story begins and ends with you.


Because along this road of experiences, some funny, some very challenging, I grasped the true meaning of life and how to work the inner system, just as we work the outer system of our homes, trains, planes and automobiles! I learned that there is such a thing as an inner navigational system and best of all, an inner Google. In fact, more Google than even Google could imagine!

I worked out through all the losses and gains that everything is linked back to me. I create my own world through my thoughts, feelings, words and actions. If you are reading these words, then now you are in my world and what I want for myself, I now want for you – health, wealth and happiness.


Well, if I create my own world, which I have proved to myself that I do, then you too create yours and everyone in it is reflecting back a part of you. The more you give them a certain look, a thought, a word, the more they respond back in a similar fashion, so you positively and negatively draw yourself out of others. Knowing this can bring you incredible freedom.


Because now you know that what you give, you get back. If you want health, you have to give forth thoughts, feelings, words and actions of health for yourself and others. If you want wealth, then you have to feel that you and everyone in your world is also deserving of it and if you want happiness, then you need to be uplifting yourself and those who come into contact with you. A smile costs nothing.

This conscious process of navigating your thoughts, feelings, words and actions down the avenues of giving, knowing that you receive in kind, will open doors to the inner Google that is akin to a treasure chest. The inner consciousness of you will be filled with inspiration, effortless opportunities, more encounters with beneficial people and synchronicities that will take your breath away.

This is why my story began and ended with you. I know that as I open my thoughts and feelings to earnestly bless you as the reader with health, wealth and happiness, then I know that you will return the very energy I am giving out, even if it is a silent thank you in your own heart.

By Jo Le-Rose