How often do you struggle with a problem and try every which way to get a solution, but no matter what you do, the issue continues to exist?

How often do you lose something, such as your keys, and even after turning everything upside down, you still can’t find them?

How often do you get caught up in similar experiences and relationships, even though you told yourself that things will be different this time?

How often to you do things out of duty, or to please others at the expense of your own peace and joy?

Why is being happy such a struggle to obtain?

It’s because you haven’t picked up the inner phone and listened to that small voice.

Some call it the inner voice, but as many don’t literally hear a voice, we could say it’s the inner knee-jerk reaction to an outer stimulus, such as the immediate sense to reject what’s coming at you, but instead, you override it.

Ironically, this knee-jerk reaction is giving you the first step. STOP!

But if you continue with an habitual act that isn’t working or you still sift through the fifth draw to find your keys, or you go on that date whilst feeling uneasy, or you cringe when you say yes, but really you mean no – you’re overriding that first step. If you don’t stop, you will just wade deeper into the problem.

Once you stop, the next step is SILENCE at the end of the phone. Not because the voice has disappeared somewhere, but because it takes your mind a moment to receive a new thought outside of your usual way of doing things.

In this silence the mind is OPEN to RECEIVE a new message. To receive it, you need to let go of all thought and focus about it. This is the hard bit, as you can’t cheat either, so you can’t keep one part of the mind on the problem! It needs to be a total letting go. The quickest way to redirect the mind is to either meditate or read something absorbing.

As you do this, be alert to the new incoming message. This may pop into your mind, or you may read some words or see a message on a newsfeed. The second it enters your awareness you will KNOW that it is the solution to the issue.

Now for the final step. Take the ACTION.






 By Dr Jo Le-Rose 2019