If you’re really thirsty and there’s a bottle of water on the table, you don’t stand there imagining it coming to you, willing it to come without any physical movement towards it. If you did that, you’d still be there hours later. It’s a straightforward task with no resistance, so you feel the thirst, you know water will answer it, so you focus on the bottle, walk to the table, pick it up and drink from it, quenching the thirst. Afterwards, a different need arises and the water is forgotten and off you go again.

However, when it comes to health, wealth and happiness, most feel powerless to change their circumstances, but it’s the same principle:

  1. There’s a call that says you NEED something
  2. You KNOW what you need to answer that call
  3. There is only one FOCUS and all else fades away in the zone of that focus
  4. You physically MOVE towards it, not taking your eyes off the goal
  5. You reach the goal and FULFIL the need

Need, know, focus, move, fulfil.

Now, what often happens is, a person realises that they’re in a situation that’s not working or in lack. They know what they need is the opposite of where they are. BUT, the focus is all over the place, so the mind is caught up in its thinking of not being good enough, not deserving and all the rest of it, so they take countless actions, spreading their energies all over the place. One eye is focused over here, one eye is focused over there, the body is facing a different direction to the eyes, the mind believes it won’t happen, so they can’t be bothered with any effort or it over-acts, juggling loads of options and creates chaos, so the person never reaches the goal and the call goes unanswered. They are stuck at the point of focus.

Ironically, there’s a catch to it all – that knowing is a feeling, a fire. If you stay focused on the lack and not on the fire, your feelings will fuel more lack, which is why people go around in circles.

To reach a destination, you have to move from where you don’t want to be to where you want to be, but if you get to the end of the road and focus on where you were and your vehicle can only move in the direction of your focus, you’ll end up back where you started! When you leave your house to visit your Nan, you are forward thinking, feeling, speaking and acting, so why would this be different to applying the same principle to any issue?

It’s only different in the mind, as the collective belief tells you that you’re limited. If you take one small issue and feel for the solution and focus on having it fulfilled until it happens, then you’ll know within your own self that you’re limitless <3 Then life becomes fun as you apply: need, know, focus, move, fulfil.

By Jo-Le-Rose