I connected with someone recently who I hadn’t seen for a while and she is living vibrantly! To cut a long story short, she said what transformed her life was my story of fruit…

That’s right, fruit! 🍎🍐🍋

I had forgotten about this tool that I used many, many years ago to get myself out of a tricky situation. I referred to every thought, feeling, word and action that was associated with it as a piece of fruit.

I asked what state was the fruit in this thought, feeling, word or action: was it blossoming, growing, valueless, stagnant, lifeless, shrivelled, bitter, sweet, resentful, infested, putrid, etc. 🤔 The second I knew the answer, I either expanded my association with it or dropped it like a hot piece of coal! That tricky situation left my life faster than the speed of light!

What fruit are you growing and digesting in the garden of your inner world that is producing an effect in your outer daily life?

By Jo Le-Rose