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Janni Almosetoft

Hei I want to nominate Patricia López Garrido, she is pay for helping hands, because she give to other people, she give a lot of smile and hug to all  . She startet her clinic 1,5 year ago, she is one of my student and we work in the same house now. Patricia is from Spain and married to a Dane, she is the most caring person I know. she thinks of her children and her husband and me and all people before herself. she is humble and very loving.
she has started a new education with me and I know she does not have the money for it. she has paid me for it, because she do wand to do that;) but there is not much to do in the clinic due to the Corona situation. I think she deserves some help, also so that there will be money to be able to visit her family in Spain and to do a little extra for herself,...please send her a smile she really need some help.

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Option 2:

Claire Newsholme

Hello, Hope you are all having a good week

I'm requesting a helping hand, as for several months I've been struggling to get my electronics to work, which is impacting on the goals I set myself last year.

I was made redundant in October 2020 and was gutted at first but then realised it was an opportunity to do UCE courses to become a counsellor. I really want to help others grow and expand and discover any repeating patterns that are holding them back from living their best life. I myself wouldn't heave got this far without the help and support of UCE and their members.

I have passed my diploma last year but with family health challenges and lack of equipment that is unreliable, slow and too old to update to any apps. , I find myself limited in accessing the internet and applications, to enable me to carry on with this journey, to complete my bachelors and thriving therapy course.

I would also like to publish my poems into a journal but even having trouble accessing the photos I emailed myself. I would really appreciate a helping hand to help me continue my journey and help others to start theirs in a limitless life.

Thank you so much for your time and support.


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Option 3:

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