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Nicola La Vie:

Hey there Helping Hands,

I'm nominating myself this month. I'm doing a lot in my life as always to expand self and expand my business - Feng Shui Transformation in service to humanity, including the creation of online courses, one to one consultations and the creation of a networking lunch with a difference.

As well as the School Summer Holidays of 7 weeks just beginning. It's a delicate balance to do it all and receiving the Helping Hands monthly gift this month, would assist greatly in the ease and flow

Thank You

Option 2

Jools Bond:

Hi everyone,
Having some money from Helping Hands would make a huge difference to my life as it would help me towards being free of debt and living a glorious abundant life.

My debt is currently £23,000. My goal is to to be debt free by the end of 2022 (and ideally before that) and I've been working on this over the last two years with another card paid off last week. If I have the Helping Hands money in January this will enable me to pay off another card and of course this will mean less interest to pay. Once my debt is reduced and more income is freed up I would love to do the Bachelor and Doctorate course when I've completed the Diploma so that I can help to uplift more people and bring them to greater self awareness and joy. I'd also love to buy some beautiful new clothes and shoes too and it would bring me so much joy to have the financial freedom to move into my own place next year.
Thank you.


Option 3

Miriam Young (nominated by Claire Newsholme):

I would like to nominate Miriam Young. I was really touched by Miriam's nomination last year and feel like this is what helping hands is all about. Helping someone get back onto the path they were on, after the rug has been pulled from underneath them.

Miriam really deserves a step up and a helping hand to support her in following the stepping stones to help her move into a home that she truly deserves.

Thank you and good luck Miriam

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