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Janni Almosetoft

Hei I want to nominate Patricia López Garrido, she is pay for helping hands, because she give to other people, she give a lot of smile and hug to all 😉 . She startet her clinic 1,5 year ago, she is one of my student and we work in the same house now. Patricia is from Spain and married to a Dane, she is the most caring person I know. she thinks of her children and her husband and me and all people before herself. she is humble and very loving.
she has started a new education with me and I know she does not have the money for it. she has paid me for it, because she do wand to do that;) but there is not much to do in the clinic due to the Corona situation. I think she deserves some help, also so that there will be money to be able to visit her family in Spain and to do a little extra for herself,...please send her a smile 😉

Option 2

Option 2:

Sandi Teale

Hi all,
I'd like to put a request in for monies to carry on with the acupuncture and herbs/to support me in healing . I've successfully dropped half of the medication I was on a year ago. I'm relieved and very grateful. I'm also finding my way with the myofascial release work to introduce it into my bodywork. Ive started off with the 'starter pack, within Block Therapy, but now need help with putting my website together with the costs of equipment and stationery . Thank you

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Option 3:

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