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Is this you?

Our Solution:

Well, there is a way out through sharing & caring:

UCEducation has created the U.C.E Helping Hands Membership to support people in all walks of life. For a small monthly financial contribution, not only do you give to the Helping Hands community, but you can nominate yourself or someone you know to receive the monthly pot of funds to bring about needed change. 

Imagine receiving a lump sum that would give you the financial freedom to purchase something and move your business forward, or be able to nominate a someone who is struggling financially and needs an olive branch to take a life-changing step.

For a small monthly sum of $15, you can connect with other members of the Helping Hands community and put forward your request for assistance to be voted on by all. Each month a percentage of the membership fee is collected in a pot, which is released to the participant most voted for.

Our U.C.E Helping Hands Membership is a Unique Concept that Gives Back to the Community. 

In return for the small monthly sum, you will receive: 

 Your own personal profile page that you can create within the community, where you can post, message others, arrange meet-up's & chat on the Helping Hands forum

Access to the Self Care corner where you will find monthly articles, visualisations & subliminal recordings on managing your mind & emotions - these deliver enhanced personal growth in the process of giving. 

Each month a member of the Helping Hands community will have a chance to win a FREE course with U.C.E ! All members with an active subscription will go into a seperate monthly draw to win this wonderful prize!

All this plus a chance to put forward your request for financial assistance. 

Helping Hands is the community that keeps on giving.

The founders of Helping Hands know how hard it can be to get started on a venture or get out of a difficult situation in life. If someone had offered us a financial helping hand during these times, our lives and businesses would have transformed much quicker. 

As therapists ourselves, we have also had many clients who were ready to make life-altering decisions, yet, something they needed to complete the process was physically out of reach. Offering a client or someone in your community assistance through Helping Hands could create a profound shift from lack to freedom and transform lives! 

We invite you, wherever you are in the world, to join our Helping Hands Community and change the world into a place of sharing and caring!

Features & Benefits of the U.C.E Membership:

Online Community

Join our U.C.E Helping Hands Community: where you can connect with other people who share and care from all over the world

Online Helping
Hands Forum

Start & Join Discussions within our Dedicated Online Forum: to build your sense of belonging in our community

Online Polls To Nominate Yourself Or Someone Else

Use Our Easy Online Poll: to nominate yourself, a client or someone in your community to receive the monthly fund and change your life or someone else’s!

About U.C.E

U.C.E is an online learning portal that focuses on expanding consciousness through self-development, expertise and skills for both individuals and clients. Behind U.C.E are the founders, Dr Jo-Le Rose, Dr Karen Wells and Dr Katie Webber, who are leaders in the field of cognitive education. Over the last 30 years they have worked online and in person with thousands of clients from all walks of life in many parts of the world.

U.C.E are proud to be one of the first platforms to offer online accredited Doctorate courses, which use effective methods to teach and bring forth from the student dynamic understanding of the mind, life and the way it works. 

All students are valued and above all, supported through their journey of learning and attaining a professional title of achievement.

Helping Hands
Monthly Membership -
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Per Month

The $15 is the minimum monthly ask.
This includes a $5 monthly administration fee.

Once you've signed up, you will have the opportunity to make a further donation.

Risk Reversal

No refunds are given once you as a student have logged in with your username and password to access the membership as our products are digital materials. If you have not logged in with your username and password, you may request a refund within 7 days of purchase of your membership. You can cancel your monthly plan at any time.

All prices are in US Dollars


What some of our students say about U.C.E

Frequently Asked Questions

So, you have questions? Let us try to answer those for you...

No, not at all. It doesn’t matter what therapy you practice, or where you are in the world, you can join us here at Helping Hands!

No, the Helping Hands membership is open to all therapists so if you are not yet a U.C.E student, then you can absolutely join us!

Simply go to Join Now button above and join us there!

No, you can nominate yourself or a client of yours in the very first month of joining us!  You also do not need to nominate anyone, you can just allow your monthly payment to contribute towards the Helping Hands community.

A percentage of each members fee (depending on member numbers),  goes into the monthly nomination draw. Each member gets to nominate themselves or a client and each member has the ability to vote for who they feel should win the monthly amount – these could be life changing amounts! Requests are submitted to U.C.E by email on the 1st day of each month and three are chosen by the U.C.E team. These are then put to the community as three voting polls. The one with the most votes at the close of the last day of the month receives the funds.  


There are guideline rules and you will be asked to comply with these before joining.

You can nominate yourself or a client a maximum of 3 times in a year.

We want you to be part of our community, but if you do want to cancel, you can cancel your subscription at any time from your profile login.

Ready to transform?

If there's anything at all that you're not certain about, anything we haven't made clear in the FAQ's; any concerns or questions then please contact us at enquiries@uceducation.online and we'll be happy to help you out.