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Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach, Bestselling Author, Divorce Mentor

A client told me recently, ‘You do something that doctors and counsellors cannot do. My perspective has changed completely in the last two weeks and I now know my life is mine to live and how to do it. You must be my guardian angel.’ (Blush!)

This fast and powerful result is thanks to the incredible UCE course in Client Transformation and Quantum Counselling.

Have you have ever hit a ceiling with your clients, or within yourself, beyond which you do not seem to be able to go?

Qualified and trained in a wide range of disciplines, I have been a natural health practitioner and lifestyle coach since the late 1990’s, working with hundreds of clients. It has been a joy to watch them successfully improve and progress in their lives. My passion has always been to turn the seemingly complex into simple and manageable, and to help people discover the root cause of any issues so they can move on fast.

However, studying from Certificate to Doctorate level with UCE has taken my work to a whole new level. It has brought together and clarified over 20 years of my own research, course work and practice into one incredible programme. And then it’s taken everything that’s gone before and moved it on much, much further than I could ever have imagined. This programme has given me a range of new and powerful tools resulting in my own growth, and also client progress at a rate that I have never seen before in all my years of practice.

I’d love to share this with you, so if you want the same results for yourself and your clients, then get in touch. Together we can explore the range of UCE courses and Doctorate programmes that are available to empower you to reach your own goals, both personally and for your business, be it health, wealth, happiness, or all three!

Contact me at www.helpyourcellves.com/contact or book a call here https://saragibbonscoaching.as.me/uce

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