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Colette Maria Evans, Ph.D. is thrilled to be a University of Consciousness Education (U.C.E.) Affiliate, where she can help others get connected with the life-changing value of this work.

Colette is passionate about helping others discover their true potential and immense importance. She provides workshops and individual consults for adolescents and adults with an emphasis on client transformation, self-understanding, self-healing, resiliency, and health promotion through her business Inspire LLC.

Colette earned her Ph.D. in Health Education (University of Utah, 1997) researching resiliency in youth, health and health promotion, substance abuse prevention, stress management, and health within minority communities. Since 1999, she’s studied with international teachers Mike Robinson and Jo Le-Rose in the area of self-understanding, healing, and personal development. Her more recent training has been through U.C.E., working to complete her Doctorate in Client Transformation.

Colette’s emphasis is on strategies helping people not only to be resilient, but to live a life full of meaning, inspiration, joy, peace, and expansion. She has also served on various non-profit boards and committees focused on education and well-being and is a published author. She lives in her home state of Idaho with her family, where she loves to explore the Idaho Wilderness. When not writing, volunteering or working with clients, she pursues her other passion of teaching skiing at the world class Sun Valley Ski Resort.

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