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Hi I'm Claire Newsholme. Several years ago I had health issues and was trying to balance too much and became overwhelmed. This had implications on my health both physically and mentally, as I wasn't allowing my mind and body any self-care, so wasn't having the restful sleep I needed to live a healthy life. I have had a realisation recently that I need to utilise the knowledge and tools I have learnt throughout the years, to expand and grow.

I've enrolled on the doctorate in quantum counselling which starts with a certificate. After only a few weeks I am already feeling the positivity and inner strength from doing this certificate. I would like to help you grow and expand whilst growing and expanding myself through this journey of life. These doctorate courses give you the tools to overcome limitations to enable you to live a more limitless life. By doing this you will shift your internal being into a life of health, wealth and happiness and be the true person you are meant to be.

If you would like more information on any of the courses. Please contact me on 07885 973301 or my email address is clairemay0711@outlook.com

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