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I am an enthusiastic, passionate, caring and calm person. I have a bachelors-degree in education from 2014 and I love teaching and spending time with children. I live in a house with my wife in the northern part of Jutland, Denmark. I am a man of many hobbies and talents such as playing the guitar, singing, doing aikido, chi-gong, writing stories and I love taking walks in nature. I live in a very beautiful area with forests and beaches close by where I take a walk almost every day.
I am a compassionate listener and people feel heard and cared for in my company. My clients and students feel calm and joy when I am around. I have been doing inner work since 2011 where I met Dr. Jo Le-Rose and Mike Robinson who started a shift in me. I am currently studying the Client Transformation course and am very passionate about helping others with the tools this course gives. I want to help others feel uplifted, care-free and love for themselves. Being an affiliate gives me the opportunity to talk about these courses which I feel everyone should know about, helping others and having money so I can expand my knowledge and abilities by studying other courses and building up an expansive business.
You can reach me by the phone number (+45) 91565556

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