Someone asked me, ‘What is the quickest way to change my feelings and thoughts to create a new reality?’ Okay, without spending days on breaking it down, here it is in its basic form.

If you look at this moment, you’ll see how it has come about from your past, so you’re not living some ad hoc life that is determined by a rewarding or punishing God, nor is it because someone else is to blame for your misfortunes. Your NOW is happening because of your thoughts, feelings, words and actions that occurred in the past – you’re responsible. These four can be summed up as your consciousness.

If you don’t alter your current stream of consciousness, then that stream will continue to affect your NOW and create your future as a repeat of your past.

For example, let’s take wealth as the subject. If you look around your life and find that wealth is lacking or you’re struggling to make it to pay day every month, then this is from your past way of thinking, feeling, speaking and doing. Perhaps this habitual mindset of thinking and feeling that you’re not good enough makes you believe that you only deserve a low-paid job. To top it off, you often speak about how crap you are at everything, so you end up doing the action that complements your thoughts, feelings and words – a job that is low-paid. Now you’re in a vicious cycle, as you’ll continue to think about how little you deserve and you’ll feel powerless and you’ll voice how hard it is to survive, so the future will repeat the past. Capiche?

Now, the thing is, there’s no point in getting caught up in any blame from the past, it’s a waste of time, so let it go, nor is switching to thinking positive thoughts a solution either, because the second you think, ‘I’m worthy of a high-paying job!’ That little voice within will reply with, ‘No you’re not!’ And of course, that little chap is your past governing your life and it controls all the cells in your body, which are your magnetic attraction, so it’s more powerful than just positive thinking.

What’s required is a light-bulb moment! It’s a bit like the wild stallion of your past is in a race with the wild stallion of the future that you want. Both want to win the prize of your NOW. The race begins with you standing on the back of the stallion of your past whilst trying to jump onto the back of the wild stallion of your future, all at breakneck speed. All that matters is the jump, so every part of you has to go through with the leap in the NOW. If you hesitate for a second, you’re a goner!

How does this stallion analogy fit into the wealth example? This little chap of your past works on the line of probability, so it has to be silenced and then opened to new possibilities. For example, if you look across your life, you’ll find a time when you did have a moment of financial abundance, and as your external world is a result of YOU, so you created your life, then you must have the means to recreate this financial abundance. The second you seek out that gem and say to yourself in REALISATION, ‘Blimey! I CAN create financial abundance!’ What does the little chap within say? It goes, ‘Well, yeah, okay, so you made it happen.’ It drops its resistance. Nothing external can happen to you without it being an internal state first, so you made that fleeting moment appear as your reality.

The second you REALISE this, your whole thinking, feeling and the words in your head will change and in this very NOW you’ve created a new possibility for a different reality and the whole of yourself is involved. You made the jump from one stallion to the other!

Now you can look at every subject and person. For example, your mother-in-law…You can find a moment when you did like her, so a repeat of that in this NOW can happen in thought, feeling, word and action. Every time you think of her, you set off the new stream of consciousness, so your future alters as a different reality. The relationship changes.


Take a subject

Find a time in your past when it worked for you

Realise that you had it then, so you can recreate the same thoughts, feelings, words and actions that brought it about

Realise your new statement: ‘I CAN create (insert subject)’

Each time that subject comes up, no matter what state it’s currently in, apply the new knowing

This new knowing becomes the new habit

A habit is a belief

A belief that you can have it

The new belief is a frequency of attraction

Et voila! Your future has become your NOW!

The irony is that you could be fabulously wealthy and say, ‘I’m so poor!’ And that little chap of your past will reply with, ‘No you’re not!’ So it can become your greatest foe or your greatest friend, and you get to choose which.

Have a fabulous day!
By Jo Le-Rose