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Option 1:

Janni Almosetoft

Hei I want to nominate Patricia López Garrido. She is a hard worker. She started her clinic 1 year ago and sits there in her klinik, for so many hours and wishes there would be more clients. But she is enrolled in a new education to improve her abilities, and for that she must spend 12,000 Danish kroner, which is 1,400 pounds. She thinks it will probably succeed, because she is positive. I think she deserves a helping hand, so vote for Patricia.

Option 2

Option 2:

Sandi Teale

Hi everyone
Ive come to ask in helping hands for some practical help. Since I met Jo and Mike & group (2012) I had always felt I hadnt belonged anywhere. As has been mentioned before, I was medicated on Valium in my teenage years and didnt find out it was in the main, Valium causing my lack of focus, stomach problems, cognitive issues, panic.Over the past 10 years so much has been revealed to me and so much of my life has started to make sense. The 'resistance' and 'feelings' hanging over me, that seems to stop me from expanding in all ways, is my dependence on this medication.
For this process I need monies for herbal products, acupuncture sessions and tinctures etc, My hope is to be off them for good by my 60th birthday in May. After this I feel continuing my journey will be 'in love' not fear. Thank you

Option 3

Option 3:

Claire Newsholme

I would like to nominate myself for a helping hand.

I have completed my quantum counselling diploma and would like to look into working with small groups of clients using zoom and PowerPoint. I share my laptop with my daughter and it's a few years old and has school applications on, which is making it run slowly. I've realised, this wouldn't be able to keep up , with sharing information , with clients online, during zoom calls.

I have an iPad, which is several years old and won't allow us to download PowerPoint, as it's incompatible , due to its age. Just trying to save a word document is taking half an hour, so could really benefit from an helping hand to update my technology, to enable me to share information with clients whilst on zoom calls.

I'm really looking forward to sharing the information with clients, to help them grow and expand , whilst working on my Quantum Counselling Bachelors and eventually on my doctorate. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help others, in the way UCE have helped us.

Thank you , with much appreciation


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