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About Janni Almosetoft

Janni 57, born and live in Denmark, Energy Therapist.
I really live my full potential.

With all the knowledge and deep understanding of myself and life, that I have gained through working with international teachers Mike Robinson and Jo Le-Rose and the Client Transformation and Quantum Counselling Course, I am on the right track and living life to my full potential. My passion now is to speak and guide others to their full potential too.

The Client Transformation/Quantum Counselling Course are the way to grow from the inner to the outer.
The course is in English and with Danish translation.
Everything is easy to understand and you will always be able to find help if you have any problems.
We are all growing together.

I am a U.C.E affiliate because I Know the Client Transformation and Quantum Counselling Course is a professional way to grow in life, and get the Knowing to help others.

With love Janni

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