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International Healer and Teacher, Bachelor of Science Degree and a Diploma in Education


International Creator and Teacher of U.C.E Courses with a PhD in Philosophy of Religion, Person-Centered Counsellor and Author


International Hypnotherapist specializing in Regression and Healing Techniques & Author


U.C.E is an online learning portal that focuses on expanding consciousness through self-development, expertise and skills for both individuals and clients. Behind U.C.E are the founders, Dr Jo-Le Rose, Dr Karen E Wells and Dr Katie Webber, who are leaders in the field of cognitive education. Over the last 30 years they have worked in person and online with thousands of clients from all walks of life, and in many parts of the world.

U.C.E are proud to be one of the first platforms to offer online accredited courses, which use effective methods to teach and bring forth from the student dynamic understanding of the mind, life and the way it works.

All students are valued and above all, supported through their journey of learning and attaining a professional title of achievement.


It has been a long journey for us to reach this point where we are able to share our knowledge in an online packaged format. Between us and those in the background at U.C.E, our expertise and experience in the field of self-development probably add up to a few hundred years!

We, as Jo, Katie & Karen, have all come through enormous struggles in order to present the courses hosted by U.C.E and backed by a professional accreditation from the CTAA (Complimentary Therapy Accreditation Association). Each of us has a story to tell from single parenting, divorce, loss, bereavement, business failures, exhaustion – lack in all of its formats of illness, poverty and deep distress.

It takes guts to climb back up each time you are knocked back by something. The one thing we have in common as colleagues and friends, is that we never give up! Alongside our greatest failures are our successes, from global teaching, a stunning healing centre in France, bestselling books and sold out events – abundance in all of its formats of creating beneficial services. However, our greatest achievement is supporting and enjoying the growth of those whom we work with.


After several decades of travelling the globe and imparting courses, tools and visions of how to expand individual consciousness with many people from different walks of life, we wanted to create an online teaching portal that gave more people access to incredible information, whilst earning an accredited qualification to assist others at an affordable price.

We wanted to infuse every course with high quality teaching, which focuses on bringing out of the student the needed skills. It’s easy to quote history and fill the brain with information as apposed to the how of a subject through tasks and the application of the presented theory.

If we add up what we as a trio have spent on education, it would make your eyes water! Why is education so expensive and often beyond the grasp of the everyday person? Take Jo for example, in order for her to finance her way through University, she had to work full time, catching six buses a day, be a single parent mother and work a second job as a cleaner. If U.C.E was available back then, she would have immediately joined and saved herself years of financial and physical struggle. Jo’s exceptional problem solving skills and knowledge has seen her since travel the globe, helping others to overcome their limitations.

Katie herself knows how hard it is to pick yourself up after suffering a lifetime of acute asthma, to the point where a simple game with her two boys would leave her gasping for breath. Utilising the tools of mind over matter, she overcame and healed her own asthma. This led her to seek out more tools to uproot her life from the city and move to the coast to set up her own successful practice. From health difficulties, self-healing and huge life changes, Katie has done it all!

Karen has also navigated the pitfalls of life and battled through social prejudice to build and market a successful business. Karen not only did this from a position of losing everything and crawling her way back out of the pit of despair, but she took her partner Jo, and their daughter, to the other side of the world to live their dreams of a beach life.

Our motto is that anything is possible - you just have to know what to do, how to do it and where to get the tools to make it happen!

This is why we created U.C.E – for you to have easy access to the opportunities that we have had to fight for! 

The growth of U.C.E is our passion and every student is very important to us. Our platform includes student forums, live webinars, tutor support and so much more. There is no better time for learning something new than now and becoming an accredited Practitioner of your craft!


Consciousness is not only individual personality, but also collective. It can be experienced as our individual mind, which includes the internal factors of what we think and feel according to our five senses and these are expressed as words and actions. These, along with other subtle senses within consciousness play a major part in creating our daily reality, but if our mind is not aligned on all of these levels, i.e. if you say yes to doing something when you are really thinking and feeling no, then your inner and outer world become imbalanced.

The effect of this instability can be seen in your thoughts and feelings, which often show up as guilt, anger, repulsion and rejection and the mind goes on a downward spiral into a negative zone of being. If you create your own reality, which you do, then the door is now open to unwanted experiences to match your state of mind.

To educate your mind and expand your consciousness is to align your thinking, feeling, senses, words and actions so that they complement each other. This will give you the ability to stay tuned to the highest potential of yourself; releasing you from any exhausting games of pleasing others and bring you into the zone of self-mastery.

Our vision for U.C.E is to bring knowledge and self-empowerment to others through every thread of their life by giving them the tools to enrich the areas of health, wealth and happiness. There is no better time in our era than now for understanding that we create from the inner self to the outer self.

OUR Courses

At U.C.E we provide dynamic courses focused on expanding individual consciousness in order to improve the quality of life for all.

Our team consists of global leaders in the field of cognitive education, who are dedicated in assisting students to not only reach high academic goals, but to also experience an emotive journey as they move through the course content. 

Helping Hands
Monthly Membership

For a small monthly sum of $15, you can connect with other therapists and put forward your request for assistance to be voted on by the community. Each month the amount collected in the pot from a % of the membership fee is released to the participant most voted for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, you have questions? Let us try to answer those for you...

You can enrol in our online courses anytime you like. You don’t need to wait for a certain date to enrol, check your emails for your login details, login, and start learning!

It’s easy, just click on the Enrol Now link located on any of our course information pages and follow the simple steps and you will be able to start your course straight away! If you have any questions email us at enquiries@uceducation.online

When you complete your course you'll receive a certificate from the University of Consciousness Education showing that you have successfully completed your studies.

We have been awarded the highest accreditation as a course provider by CTAA – Complementary Therapists Accredited Association – giving our online courses the recognition of being an exceptionally high standard of learning. This gives you, as a U.C.E student, the invitation to join the CTAA upon the completion of your courses(s), at no additional cost to yourself. Our aim is to support you not only through your learning process, but also as a practitioner by providing you with a membership foundation that has many benefits, including discounted insurance. All of this comes as a package when you join U.C.E.

All of our courses are fully accredited by the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA). Here is the link to their website for you https://www.ctaamembers.com/ Accreditation with CTAA guarantees we have been accepted as a Premier Quality Distance Learning Provider and our courses meet the standard of excellence required to achieve this. Our certificates are stamped with the seal of Quality Distance Learning (QDL). CTAA can also connect you with affiliated insurance companies worldwide in order to take out insurance for your practice when setting up your business.

Our online platform enables our courses to be studied at an individual pace, so you can complete our courses at your own discretion. It doesn't matter how long you take.

All the video lessons, workbooks and assessment are online and live forums and live monthly webinars provide an amazing level of support when you need it. We are always available via email as well. Our students rave about how supported they feel and comment that the depth of this work is like nothing they have ever experienced.

Our courses are available to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Upon enrolment you will have access to the course immediately.

Ready to transform?

If there is anything at all that you are not certain about, anything not made clear in the FAQ's or you still have a question, then please contact us at enquiries@uceducation.online and we will be happy to help.